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The latest version: v.5.00 (April 21st, 2020) Current version for Microsoft Windows OS.


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  • Sidebar: With a key combination you can switch DEHApad from a text-editor to always on-top sidebar notetaker.
  • Free: It is free to use (free as in beer)!
  • Highlighting: DEHApad can show your files highlighted for 17 different languages (Python, Pascal, PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, C++, Java, JavaScript, Perl, UNIX Shell, TEX, SQL, BAT, BAS, INI, PO).
  • Options: There are many options including different color schemes for two modes of program, printing with options.
  • Encrypt: You can encrypt/decrypt your text file with a single password.

Latest News

April 2020

  • Happy birthday Deha! Deha is 5 years old, today (Apr 21st). And new version of DEHApad v.5.00 comes with many new features and bug fixes. In this release, sidebar behaviours are totally changed. Also, BMP to ASCII are feature is added. It is quite interesting. Give a shot! Also many important major bug fixes are done. More information can be found in Dev page.

December 2019

  • 2020 will be the best year for DEHApad. There are already many bugs solved and new features added. They will be release at Version 5! Stay tuned for the v5 that will be released at April 21th.

April 2019

  • Happy birthday Deha! Deha is 4 years old, today (Apr 21st). And new version of DEHApad comes with (v.4.00) with .LOG feature! Just put “.LOG” in the first line of the file. In every opening the file, recent date and time information will be added end of the file. Also, “Goto line” feature and reaching user documentation from Help menu are added.

April 2018

  • New version (v.3.00) with autosave feature! Also some links are corrected in the code. Deha is 3 years old today (Apr 21st)! Happy birthday Deha!

January 2018

  • New version (v.2.76) with highlighting feature for 17 different language. Wordwrapping is disabled due to serious compiling problems. DEHApad is now distributed with GPL v3 license. All code is know on GitHub!

October 2017

  • New version (v. 2.52) with some windows corrections, and error prevention. DEHApad can open now without setting file. It can create its own settings file if necessary. In addition, it is compiled with the latest version of FPC.

July 2017

  • New version (v. 2.12) with auto open last file, and right popup menu support. Additionally, form behaviors, open file, save file behaviors are corrected.

April 2017

  • New version of DEHApad is released! It’s a total major change. Nearly a total rewrite. There are many features added. Also, many things changed and some bugs fixed. More information can be found at here. Because of new version scheme is used, version is 2.0. Happy birthday Deha!

February 2017

  • OK. After changing the name to DApad, I couldn’t get used to this name. Therefore, I am changing it again! Now it is DEHApad. Webpage is located at http://dehapad.lrgresearch.org

January 2017

  • From now on, Deha editor’s name is DApad. DA is the abbreviation of Deha Anıl. My son’s name :) Also new version v.0.26.01 is out with drag-and-drop support and undo feature.

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